Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty in Mumbai is a surgical operation that aims to remove excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen. In addition, it tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall with which the flat belly effect and a narrower waist are achieved. These cases usually occur in patients who have had weight gain and subsequent loss or in women who have had several pregnancies.

When to consider

Abdominoplasty in Mumbai can be considered in patients who are uncomfortable with stretch marks, sagging and/or abdominal bulging.

Weight loss or exercise does not correct sagging, on the contrary, weight loss can accentuate the amount of sagging skin.

To perform an abdominoplasty, you must wait 12 months after pregnancy so that the body can return to pre-pregnancy conditions.

What is this procedure?

Depending on the part of the abdomen that you want to treat and the problem you want to correct, one type of surgery or another will be performed, with its corresponding risks and contraindications, so it is important to make a correct diagnosis.

It is important to see if the region you want to operate is above or below the navel and if the problem to be treated affects the muscles, the skin or if it is due to excess fat. In general, the patient will receive general anesthesia or an epidural will be administered. The duration of the operation is usually between two and five hours, and the hospitalization time can be up to two days.

The procedure, as a general rule, will leave a mark like any other operation. The scar will vary in location or size, the most typical is similar to a circle that surrounds the navel, and another that is located above the pubis and on both sides of the groin. It is the patient who heals and the quality of the scar will depend largely on their scarring tendency, so the mark that remains of the surgery will depend on each patient.

Types of tummy tuck in Mumbai

The procedures that will be performed on the person in the abdominal wall will be evaluated by a competent professional who will assess the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. Among these we find:

  • Liposuction: it is performed when the person only has an excess of fat in the abdomen, but the muscle and skin are fine.
  • Miniabdominoplasty without umbilical disinsertion: if in the region below the navel there is a slight excess of skin and fat, abdominal plastic surgery is performed. In this procedure the navel is not touched.
  • Miniabdominoplasty with umbilical disinsertion: this tummy tuck is indicated in people in a situation similar to the previous one, but a moderate excess of skin in the region that is above the umbilical region.
  • Abdominoplasty with vertical scar: when more skin is left over than in the previous cases, they separate the navel from the patient’s skin and then resect it and remove the navel again. Patients who undergo such an operation are usually left with a small vertical scar above the area.
  • Lys flower abdominoplasty: this variety is practiced only in cases where too much skin is left over.
  • Classic or standart abdominoplasty: for cases in which there is a lot of skin left over, they take the excess of the umbilical region and join it with the pubis and the groin. The brand that results from the operation is usually easy to disguise.
  • Abdominoplasty with lateral extensions: this intervention serves to correct the excesses that are on the sides of the abdomen.
  • Circumferential abdominoplasty or contourplasty: indicated in situations in which a person loses a lot of weight in an exaggerated way and has excess skin in all regions. In these situations, the scar extends above the buttocks.
  • Reverse or ascending abdominoplasty: in these abdominal plastic surgeries, excess skin is located in the area above the navel. It binds to the breasts, taking advantage to increase its size.

tummy tuck in Mumbai

Pre-tummy tuck preparation

We advise people who are going to undergo a tummy tuck in Mumbai to follow the following recommendations:

  • Avoiding tobacco, it can bring problems of slow healing.
  • Try to maintain a stable weight for six months before the procedure.
  • Maintain a correct hydration of the abdominal skin.
  • Do not consume medicines or foods (such as garlic), which can alter blood clotting, at least ten days before.
  • Do a checkup before the operation to rule out hernias or other problems that may cause difficulties in the procedure.

Risks of abdominoplasty in Mumbai

Abdominoplasty in Mumbai, like any operation, has generally associated risks that can be reduced with due care. These are:

  • Infection.
  • Bruises.
  • Abnormal scarring.
  • Risks from anesthesia, such as mild mental confusion after waking up or suffering damage to the vocal cords.

In addition to these, the tummy tuck has specific dangers, such as:

  • Pulmonary or abdominal cavity complications. They are rare.
  • Fluid accumulations.
  • Loss of skin that increases the size of the scars.
  • Strange navel positions.
  • Alterations in skin sensitivity.

After abdominopalsty

After the patient’s passage through the operating room, he can remain admitted to the hospital for between one and two days to recover. During this period the experts will put abdominal protection, which is usually a girdle.

In addition, in some cases, specialists may instruct the patient to take painkillers for the aches and pains he may have during the first days after the procedure.

Another tip is to walk hunched over, in this way you can reduce the tension that is generated in the scar of the abdomen during the first days after treatment. Although the stitches are removed once a week has passed, specialists recommend avoiding the sport until the wound heals well, about four weeks later.

In addition, it is preferable to avoid fluctuations in the patient’s weight, try to maintain a proper habit for skin hydration and periodically perform exercise to strengthen the region.

Abdominoplasty scar

Scar site: Tummy tuck in Mumbai is the surgery that removes excess skin and fat from the underbelly, especially that part that is right in sight when we sit down. There are dozens of techniques and variants, but usually the plastic surgeon in Mumbai makes an incision in the lower part of the abdomen, a region that is hidden by the pieces of underwear.

Only during the medical consultation with the plastic surgeon in Goregaon will it be possible to estimate the final size of the scar because there is no universal technique in abdominoplasty, but a personalized approach according to the patient’s needs.

Contraindications to abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty in Mumbai is not recommended in cases where future pregnancies or scenarios of large or weight gains after plastic surgery are foreseen.