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Plastic surgeries for burns treatment in Mumbai are quite common and necessary, they are recommended for patients who have just suffered severe burns.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and any damage caused by accidents or other events can cause it to change both locally and systemically. Systemic changes are caused due to generalized inflammatory reactions due to burns and may even affect other organs of the body, with greater or lesser severity, according to each case.

In some cases plastic surgery is necessary for burns, according to the temperature of the heat source that caused the injury and the time that the body was exposed to this heat, factors that modify the depth and extent of the burn.

In What Cases Is Plastic Surgery for Burns Treatment in Mumbai Required?

There are numerous indications of surgery as a form of reparative treatment when changes occur that bring aesthetic and functional damage to the affected body region.

Functional impairment of the region affected by the burn can occur mainly when the fire affected joint regions (neck, elbow, armpits and knees).

The patient may have difficulty stretching the limbs or freely moving the head, as the burned skin ends up being retracted.

On the other, the aesthetic changes caused by burns may involve changes in skin tone. It is common for the tint to change and may become darker or lighter. There are also changes in consistency to the touch and deformations of structures such as ears, nose and eyes.

How is plastic surgery performed for burns?

The burns treatment in Mumbai by means of plastic surgeries is performed according to the depth and extent of the affected area. The change of dressings and the use of ointments is sufficient in simpler cases, while more complicated cases may require surgeries.

There are two ways to perform the procedure:

  • With grafts: thin slices of healthy skin of the patient himself are used, which are applied on the area affected by the burn;
  • With flaps: parts of skin and tissue irrigated by arteries are transferred to the affected region.

Techniques vary by case. In the same patient, for example, restorative and aesthetic plastic surgeries can be performed at the same time.

The optimal treatment for which the plastic surgeon in Mumbai will choose also takes into account the cause and type of the burn.

What are the main causes and types of burns?

Every burn, before being conducted for appropriate treatment, be it plastic surgery or just medication is classified according to the type of agent and the degree of depth of the lesion.

This qualification is essential to understand the ideal type of treatment and predicting the time for patient recovery.

The main burn-causing agents are:

  • Electrical: accidents in the electricity grid, lightning;
  • Thermal: contact with extreme temperatures (very hot or very cold);
  • Chemicals: burns caused by chemicals such as acids and alkaline substances.

burns treatment in Mumbai

Understand the most common types of burns

Burns are classified according to the depth of the lesion. They are:

  • First-degree burn: a superficial injury that results in a change in skin color, leaving it reddish, swollen, and with uncomfortable burning. It can be caused, for example, by prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Second-degree burn: promotes a deeper injury than the first-degree, causing the formation of blisters on the skin, which have a reddish color and contain thick liquid. It’s the most painful of burns. The most indicated is to wait for a moderate of the patient’s skin. The result may not be perfect due to the presence of scars and some regions with different shades, but plastic surgery for second-degree burns should be performed by the plastic surgeon, who will also accompany the patient during treatment. Generally, the burned area is removed, and a skin graft is sutured in its place.
  • Third-degree burn: it is the deepest level of burn and causes necrosis, characterized by the death of tissue from the region. It presents whitish color, and absence of pain, and promotes loss of sensitivity of the affected region. There is no method of how to treat third-degree burns without any traces of surgery, as these burns are very intense and deep. Neverthemore, burns of this degree should be treated by surgical procedures, such as debridement (removal of necrotic skin) and graft in the burned area. The results obtained through plastic surgeries are very satisfactory and alleviate the problem well.

Regardless of the level of burn and the causative agent, whenever accidents occur that cause injury, it is essential to seek the help of a specialist to assess the situation and, if necessary, indicate the ideal burns treatment in Mumbai for the case. And remember, self-medication can aggravate the situation.

Which people can undergo plastic surgery for burns?

All people who have been involved in burn accidents. Those who have lost part of the movements in the neck, shoulders, hands, or legs undergo processes for the release of scar contractures, which offers excellent results.

Scars located on the nose, eyelids, and lips or that have resulted in hair loss can also be treated, as well as those that have larger, more complex, and discolored scars.

Preoperative procedures

  • Schedule an appointment with the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai;
  • Talk about the desired objectives and results;
  • Enter into an agreement with the plastic surgeon regarding the expected results and the benefits that will be obtained in the long term.

Postoperative procedures

  • Invest in physical training procedures, due to the need for specific postures and positions in certain cases to obtain better results;
  • Keep follow-up with the plastic surgeon in Goregaon so that the evolution of the case is analyzed.