Hymenoplasty in Mumbai is a procedure performed to restore the broken hymen. In many cultures, the hymen is a symbol of purity, and from a scientific point of view, this thin membrane has the role of protecting the vagina from infections.

Although this is a symbol of virginity, it can break for various reasons such as running, jumping or other sports activities. Also, some women are born without this membrane.

Hymenal restoration can be done in 2 ways. In the first case, if the hymen fragments still exist, then they can be sewn back. The second option involves the reconstruction of this membrane with its own vaginal tissue. With the reconstruction of the hymen, you can also resort to narrowing the vaginal walls. This procedure will repair the hymen, but you will experience bleeding and discomfort once it breaks again.

Hymenoplasty in Mumbai is a safe procedure, but it is very important to choose the right doctor. Since this procedure targets an intimate area of your body, the recommendation is to feel comfortable with your doctor. Dr. Vishal Patel has performed numerous hymenoplasties and has vast experience with this procedure.

What does the hymenoplasty procedure involve?

First you need an initial consultation to discuss with your doctor the procedure and your expectations from it. The best plastic surgeon in Mumbai will provide you with all the information you need, along with the pre-operative instructions that you need to take into account.

  • Simple technique. If there are fragments of the hymen they can be sutured together. You will be given a local or general anesthetic to prevent pain and discomfort. The esthetician surgeon will sew the torn parts with threads that will absorb themselves. The procedure lasts between 30 – 40 minutes and there is no need for hospitalization for this.
  • Alloplant technique. This is used when there are no membrane fragments. The surgeon will insert a biomaterial into the vagina, which will take the place of the membrane. This procedure takes up to 2 hours and local anesthesia is needed for this.
  • Reconstruction of the hymen. With this technique the surgeon will reconstify the hymen using tissue from the walls of the vagina. This technique involves sexual abstinence at least 3 months before.

What are the main reasons why hymenoplasty in Mumbai may also be suitable in your case?

For the variety of existing reasons, the most common reasons why hymenoplasty is chosen are:

  • Cultural and religious reasons: in certain social circles, an intact hymen is very important because it symbolizes the chastity of the respective women. A woman’s hymen is sensitive, however, and for various reasons it can break. This procedure helps to restore the hymen, thereby demonstrating the virginity and chastity of the person in question.
  • Psychological reasons: If a woman has been sexually abused or forced to have sexual intercourse that she did not want, it is quite possible that the hymen broke. As a way of emotional and physical reunification, many women can choose this way that can symbolize a new beginning and overcoming this traumatic moment.
  • Wounds of the hymen: For some women, an intact hymen that breaks during the first sexual intercourse is very important, unfortunately vigorous physical exercise and internal pads can break the hymen, and with the operation of hymenoplasty the hymen can be restored.
  • Reinvirgination: If a woman begins a new sexual relationship and has previously been unvirginated, she can choose the restoration of the hymen.

hymenoplasty in Mumbai

Regardless of the reason you may have to request this operation, Dr. Vishal is at your disposal with a lot of discretion and professionalism to solve this problem.

Before resorting to this procedure, a gynecological consultation is needed to determine whether or not your hymen can be rebuilt.

Who is not eligible for hymenoplasty in Mumbai?

Women who have suffered from venereal diseases or who have genital cancer can not resort to this surgical procedure.

What can you expect from the procedure?

To determine if the hymenoplasty surgery is indicated in your situation, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Vishal in which to discuss in a confidential setting your situation. and the expectations you have for this procedure. Dr. Vishal will analyze your situation. the medical and the medications you are currently taking, will discuss the surgical procedure and give you specific recommendations in your case.

The procedure will be carried out under local anaesthesia and you will be able to move home immediately after its completion. During the procedure, Dr. Vishal will excise the torn edges of the hymen and sew them again together with the help of sutures that will later dissolve. After the completion of the procedure, there will be no scarring and the hymen will appear intact. Normally, at future sexual intercourse, the hymen will break again.

What are the side effects of hymenoplasty surgery?

Side effects include:

  • Inflammation, pain and bruising post-operatively;
  • Hematomas and bleeding;
  • Discoloration of the hymen;
  • Numbing the area.

These, however, are minor side effects, and the medical team will take care to avoid them and reduce your discomfort.

Post-operative recommendations

The patient will be kept under observation for a few hours after the hymenoplasty in Mumbai, and if no complications are reported, she will be able to go home. The patient must rest from work between 3-4 days. Moderate activities are recommended only after 10 days after surgery.

Dr Vishal Patel will recommend you to:

  • Keep the area clean and will recommend antibiotics to prevent a possible infection;
  • Apply warm compresses or ice bags to reduce pain and inflammation;
  • Take a bath only after 2-3 days after the intervention;
  • Take an 8-week sexual break.

The recovery lasts between 4 – 6 weeks.

The following protocols will have to be followed:

  • sexual abstinence: any sexual activity will exacerbate the pain immediately after the operation, therefore a minimum of 6 weeks of sexual abstinence is recommended;
  • avoid tight underwear: it is recommended to avoid thong panties for at least 1 -2 weeks from the date of surgery;
  • avoiding internal tampons for at least 6 weeks.