Gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai for Male breast reduction by either reduction of the mammary gland or by liposuction is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures for men.

Gynecomastia is a symptom of the breasts of men growing and beginning to resemble female breasts. The cause is a development of the mammary glands, which normally occurs only in women. The reasons for gynecomastia can be several.

Puberty gynaecomastia can disappear by itself, but if the problem persists when you reach the age of 20, it may be necessary to see a specialist.

Gynecomastia can be embarrassing as the breasts can be likened and experienced as female breasts. A breast reduction for men may be required when the mammary gland has grown and the problem is on either just one side or on both breasts. For some, it is not the mammary gland that has grown, but only that there has been a fat accumulation in the breast / breasts. A liposuction in Mumbai may then suffice.

Before surgery

We always start with a consultation when you come to us. During the consultation, we talk about the intervention and your desire to carry out gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai. You get to ask all your questions and we talk about what you can expect for results based on your wishes and conditions.

We also talk about the price and when there is surgery time. Before you meet your plastic surgeon, fill in a health declaration where questions about your health and possible diseases are found. You can get all the information on how it works in practical terms from one of our nurses.

We always send you information about how to prepare for an operation if you choose to proceed and carry out your gynecomastia.

After the consultation, you may be able to get a referral to another doctor to investigate if there are underlying diseases that cause the problems.

During gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai

Before surgery, the area to be operated on is marked and depending on the type of technique that is determined, either mammary gland tissue is surgically removed through an incision, or the area is liposuction.

In the case of a gynecomastia, the incision is usually very discreetly placed at the edge of the nipple, mammary gland tissue is removed and this can in some cases be supplemented with liposuction.

It may also require some reduction of skin. In the simplest cases, an incision is not required, but the operation is carried out entirely by liposuction the breasts.

After completion of surgery

The gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai is performed under anesthesia and it takes about 60 minutes. A wound drainage is optionally applied on either side. These are removed after a few hours in rare cases the next day. You get to go home the same day. It is very important to take it easy after surgery.

Avoid lifting heavily and refrain from physical exertion for 4 weeks. To reduce swelling, you should now start using a supportive compression vest around the clock for the first 2 weeks and then daytime for another 2 weeks.

gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai

FAQ – Gynecomastia

Do I have to wear a pressure dressing after surgery?

We advise that you have compression, i.e. pressure, after your operation. This is to reduce swelling.

Is it painful intervention?

No, a gynecomastia is not very painful, if you need pain relief after your surgery, you are offered this. Many of our customers feel painless the day after surgery.

Does a gynecomastia mean that the chest area becomes completely flat?

We create an end result that matches your entire body. Of course, you are always offered different options before an operation such as liposuction, removal of excess skin and removal of mammary glands.

Is the scar visible?

In most patients, the scar is placed in the lower region of the areola. In the selected cases where the patient has ptosis (drooping) sharp, excess of skin or large volume of other types of scars can be performed as vertical, periareolar and “inverted T”.

How long will get the result?

Usually at about the 6th month the contour and shape are well defined. The scar, however, only reaches its result after 01 year postoperatively.

Is the postoperative gynecomastia surgery painful?

Generally not, as long as you follow the doctor instructions, especially regarding the efforts and other care in the early days.

What are the risks and complications of gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai?

Like any surgical procedure, the gynecomastia is not without risks. Rarely gynecomastia surgery has serious complications. Seroma and hematoma are the most common complications in the postoperative period.