Axillary Breast Surgery in Mumbai is indicated for removal of breast tissue that can lodge in the armpit region, generating increased breast volume and pain. This surgery removes excess tissue in the breast area. The axillary breast is also known as supernumerary or accessory breast tissue, and is located in the armpit area. It can affect one or both sides.

what causes axillary breast tissue?

The condition can be caused by genetics or weight gain. Technically speaking, axillary breast tissue is composed of glandular tissue, It is susceptible to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy and milk production, as well as any other changes that may affect normal breast tissue. However, it is necessary to clarify that the axillary breast can be a fat located in the armpit region. Either way, it causes swelling in the armpits that can negatively affect the aesthetics of the area.

Localized fat or gland?

With the increase in volume in the axillary region, many women confuse this gland with excess fat. In fact, the axillary breast is composed in part of adipose tissue. But in case it is a localized fat, this tissue will have a softer consistency, like any type of fat that is deposited in another region of the body. However, when it is predominantly formed by breast tissue, its texture is stiffer, like the gland of the breast itself.

The axillary breast develops as an extra breast tissue, that is, of additional mammary glands that are located in the axillary region, but may also manifest elsewhere in the embryonic mammary crest, which is between the armpit and the inguinal folds.

To know if this excess volume in the axillary region is adipose or glandular tissue, a medical evaluation is required.

It is with the diagnosis that the doctor will recommend the best treatment for each case.

When it is gland

When the mammary gland expands out of the breasts polymastia occurs, which is classified according to its location, being the most common in the axillary region.

However, it may also appear in the abdominal and pelvic regions.


When the volume in the armpits is gland, the causes of this polymastia can be:

  • failure in the regression of the breast tissue existing in the embryonic period, which may atrophy and show no sign of existence;
  • weight gain;
  • excess hormones and prolactin, which contribute to the development of the accessory breast;
  • family history.


It is important to “let the accessory breast develop in its entirety and only then do the removal surgery (mastectomy)”. The reason is that it can grow again if the withdrawal occurs in its early stages.

There is a risk that polymastia will turn into breast cancer. If the patient notices rapid growth in the armpit region with pain similar to that felt in the breasts, she should seek a mastologist.

There is no specific medication to reduce axillary breast. Surgical treatment will depend on the size and location of polymastia. When it is medium to large in size, it is recommended to remove the gland with skin. If polymastia is small, liposuction is the most indicated procedure.

Direct excision is a procedure indicated when accessory breast tissue is composed of breast tissue. An incision is made in the region with a length that varies according to the local glandular volume.

axillary breast surgery in Mumbai

When it’s fat

There are cases where the axillary breast is only a localized fat.

There may be fat cells located in two places specifically: one of them is well in the region of the armpit, glandular. The other is above the armpit, at the junction of the pectoral with the arm, there is more accumulation of fat.

According to the expert, the removal of only 40 milliliters of fat is enough to give a “leaner” result to the region.


There are aesthetic and surgical treatments to eliminate axillary breast fat. You need to study each of them to decide which one is best for you, if this fat really is uncomfortable.


Liposuction is a more radical technique because it is a surgery. Although it is a procedure considered relatively simple and low risk, some care is needed.

The procedure is performed with the introduction of cannulas with less than 1cm in small holes in the skin, through which the fat of the region is aspirated. The duration of the procedure is fast and the patient can go home on the same day it is performed.

The axillary region will turn purple, sore and swollen. It is recommended not to perform physical activity or carry weight for two weeks and to perform manual physiotherapy postoperatively to avoid fibrosis.

Diet, gymnastics, massage

But for those who have localized fat in the axillary region and do not want to do any lipo, or treatments of the type, there are quieter ways to try to eliminate this fatty.

The first is the diet combo with aerobic and bodybuilding exercises.

Massages in the region can also help but, even in these cases, it is advisable to consult professionals such as nutritionists, physical education teachers or physiotherapists.


If this fat one bothers you a lot, there are different ways for you to try to slow it down or eliminate it, but the most important thing is you find a procedure that is not invasive, especially if the problem is only aesthetic.

Without the lumpiness of axillary breast tissue that affect your armpit area and visible scars, you will enjoy wearing tops and other clothes without getting embarrassed. It can significantly improve your self-confidence