With the help of blepharoplasty / eyelid surgery in Mumbai, we can correct both drooping upper eyelids and bags under the eyes. We do this by returning the tissues during eyelid surgery and strengthening the capsule for the fat, stretching the muscle and in some cases even removing excess skin.

An eyelid surgery means that you look younger and more alert and is one of the most common procedures.

Why eyelid surgery?

There are many reasons why you choose to do an eyelid operation, so-called eyelid surgery in Mumbai. Here we go through some common reasons. Eye plastic surgery can be done, for example, to:

Get a more spirited look

Drooping eyelids can cause excess skin and fat bags around the eyes when the skin loses its elasticity. This can lead to a tired appearance, heavy and drooping eyelids, as well as bags under the eyes.

Counteract functional problems

Functional problems can also occur, such as reduced field of vision, stinging eyes and headaches. These are some of several reasons why many people choose to do an eyelid operation, so-called eyelid surgery.

Counteract irritation and watery eyes

The eyelids have an important function in protecting the eye but also in moisturizing the membranes of the eyes, especially the cornea (Cornea). If the function is reduced and the eyelids do not have good contact and the right angle to the eye, it can lead to irritation with chafing and watery eyes.

Medical Conditions

Blepharoplasty in Mumbai can also be a necessary treatment for hereditary conditions such as ptosis. If the problem is not treated, it can impair vision and lead to other visual impairments, such as amblyopia or astigmatism.

It is very important to have an assessment and possible adjustment of eyelid function in connection with eye plastic.

Techniques and combination interventions

In the case of an eyelid surgery, the lower eyelid incision is most often placed discreetly under the edge of the eye hair. Excess skin is removed, weak muscles are stretched, and any bulging fat is corrected. The best plastic surgeon in Mumbai who performs your eyelid surgery may choose to put the incision on the inside of the eyelid if in your case it is considered more beneficial. The new techniques used by the APS clinic are about recreating the anatomy and we are wary of removing fat.

In our younger patients, eyelid surgery is usually performed as an individual procedure, while middle-aged patients often choose to do a combination procedure with a facelift.

What can you expect?

For us at the APS clinic, it is important that you are satisfied with your eyelid surgery, which is why we are keen for the result to be the best possible. It is also important to us that your surgery leaves minimal scars behind. Our skilled plastic surgeon in Mumbai is responsive to your wishes and are based on your specific circumstances.

For several patients, the result of an eyelid surgery is permanent, while for others the result lasts for a number of years.
Blepharoplasty in Mumbai

Upper eyelid surgery

Very drooping eyes not only make you look much older, but they can also hinder your vision, which can affect everyday activities (such as driving a car). Hanging eyes can result in limited vision, especially in the upper part and on the sides of the field of view, making an eyelid surgery in Mumbai a medical necessity.

When assessing the upper eyelid, one must first look at the position of the eyebrows. If, with age, the eyebrows have gone down (eyebrow ptosis), it must be assessed whether they too should be corrected during an operation to achieve the desired result.

About upper eyelid surgery in Mumbai

An upper eyelid operation is done in such a way that after drawing out the incision, the operation is carried out under local anesthesia or anesthesia, according to your wishes. The incision is laid along the furr of the upper eyelid, and the eyelid is very gently and gently anesthetized.

The plastic surgeon in Malad adjusts the skin, underlying musculature and any fat accumulations that give unwanted appearance. The skin is then sewn together, and you get to rest for a while with a light pressure against the area to reduce swelling.

Scars after upper blepharoplasty in Mumbai

Scars after upper eyelid surgery end up in the natural fold about 8-10 mm up from the eyelashes. You should always protect red scars from the sun, as this can create some discoloration.

Lower eyelid surgery

Lower/lower eyelid surgery can be an option when fat accumulations or bags under the eyes are caused by weakening the musculature that holds back the adipose tissue behind the eye so that the fat bulges. Excess skin also increases the percentage of fine wrinkles on the lower eyelid. If you have any of these problems, it may be relevant to operate on eyelids through a lower eyelid surgery (or lower eyelid surgery as it is also called).

About lower eyelid surgery in Mumbai

A lower eyelid operation is performed under local anesthesia, according to your preference. The plastic surgeon in Goregaon puts a thin incision under the lower eyelash row and adjusts the skin, underlying musculature and any fat accumulations that give unwanted appearance. The incision can in some cases continue out into the so-called crow’s kick wrinkle next to the outer edge of the eye. The skin is then sewn together with a stitch that runs along the inside of the skin and you get to rest for a while with a light pressure against the area to reduce swelling.
eyelid surgery in Mumbai

Scars after lower eyelid surgery

The scar of a lower blepharoplasty in Mumbai ends up just below the lower eyelashes. After a month or so, the scars become very discreet and usually barely visible. Each healing process is unique and the body’s way of forming scar tissue varies from person to person.

If only excess fat is to be adjusted, the scar can be placed on the inside of the lower eyelid. You will then get a very fast and gentle healing.

If there is a lack of fullness towards the nose, a little fat can be moved from the stomach for a younger and more even appearance.

After eyelid surgery

Healing after blepharoplasty in Mumbai

The first few days you may be swollen and even get minor bruises around the eyes, this gradually settles down after a few days. It is important to keep wound edges dry and free of dirt. If you have an easy job, you can return to this after a few days. Ideally, avoid the use of contact lenses during the first week after your eyelid surgery.

The end result may differ between different people depending on, among other things, the genetic predisposition and the elasticity of the skin. In some cases, there may be skin left under the eyebrows if these are sunken. This can in most cases be corrected using a boiler lift.


You have a scheduled return visit a week after surgery to remove the stitches. After a few more days, it is usually possible to start makeup over the scars, but some swelling may persist and gradually disappear. After a month or so, the scars become very discreet and usually barely visible.

Exercise after eyelid surgery

You should avoid heart rate-boosting activity for 2 weeks after undergoing your surgery. After about 3 weeks, you can begin lighter training.