As we get older, the elasticity of the skin decreases, which can contribute to the eyebrows both feeling and looking heavy. An eyebrow lift surgery in Mumbai can help give you a more alert more youthful expression.

An eyebrow lift means that the eyebrows are raised with the help of stretching the forehead skin. If the eyebrows have sunk down, the upper eyelids have become heavy, and/or when the forehead is heavily wrinkled with deep folds, it is common to undergo an eyebrow lift.

Correction of deep concern wrinkles between the eyebrows (the so-called angry wrinkle) can also be adjusted with this combination treatment. The result is a more youthful and fresher expression.

How does it work?

With the help of an eyebrow lift in Mumbai, the excess skin is removed, and the forehead skin is stretched up with the help of an incision along the hairline or a bit into the scalp. If the hairline is high or about to become, the hairline can be lowered a bit if the cut is placed right at the hairline.

Peephole technology can also be used for forehead lifting, which means that several small discreet cuts are placed inside the hairline. The latter surgical technique can thus mean that the hairline will be slightly higher than before, however, the advantage for sparsely haired people is that the procedure does not cause embarrassing scars.

Which surgical technique is most appropriate is discussed with the surgeon before the procedure. Regardless of the technique, the eyebrows and forehead are lifted and fastened with the help of sutures (stitches) that are self-absorbed by the body after about two weeks. As with any other scar, it is important to avoid the sun and protect the scars with strong sun protection factor.

How do I go about performing the procedure?

First consultation

All surgical procedures are preceded by a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Malad. There you will undergo a clinical examination and a thorough analysis of your particular problem. You will also receive comprehensive information about the treatment options that suit you and your conditions best. Contact us for more information.

Before the operation

A week before the day of surgery, you will receive important information on how to prepare for the operation. All our surgeries take place at Hospital.


The procedure takes place in anesthesia and you usually sleep over at the clinic one night. One should expect to be home from work for two weeks. The first return visit takes place after a week and then after six months. Some sensory impairment can occur, which usually goes over in a few months or up to a year. Swelling, stiffening, itching of the scalp and bruising can also occur, this goes over in a week or so. Bandages should be worn for seven days.

After surgery

After a week, you will return to the reception for a wound check. Then we look so that the tissue is soft, the pain relief continues to work, and the healing goes as expected.

eybrow lift surgery in Mumbai

After two weeks, you will return to the reception to take the stitches and for further control. During the entire first time, you have access to the on-call doctor number and our daytime counseling.

Recovery after an eyebrow lift

The recovery period after an eyebrow lift surgery in Mumbai is usually quick and smooth. Here are some tips and advice that are good for the patient to know and follow after surgery:

The wound healing

Wound healing at first usually takes up to 2 weeks. During that time, it is not uncommon to experience mild to mediocre pain that can be managed with prescription medication.


After surgery, the patient is discharged the next day because the operation most often takes place under general anesthesia.

Incision care

The incision area must be kept dry and clean for up to 48 hours after surgery. Later, the patient is strongly advised to maintain his personal hygiene or to adjust his routine according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Bruises and swellings

Bruises and swellings can occur for up to 2-4 weeks when a clinical manifestation occurs in the form of a local inflammatory response to surgery. If they last longer, a doctor should be consulted as there may be symptoms of an infection.


Scars from eyebrow lifts are very subtle and in most cases, they become almost impossible to detect a few months after surgery. In some patients, however, it has been observed that the hairline tends to move up about 1 cm after surgery.

Alcohol and tobacco products

Patients are strongly advised to abstain from alcohol and tobacco products, especially in combination with prescription medications after surgery, as otherwise, this may lead to unwanted side effects and complications