right time for breast augmentation
September 16, 2022
right time for breast augmentation

The right time for a breast augmentation

There are many women who want larger or firmer breasts. For many, a possible pregnancy is seen as an obstacle. But does that have to be the case at all? We clarify: When is the best time for a breast augmentation? At what age can breast augmentation be performed? And: is it possible to have a breast augmentation before or after pregnancy without any problems?

Breast augmentation before or after pregnancy?

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural events in a woman’s life. However, pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding period usually leave their mark on the body. Sagging, sagging breasts are not uncommon. The abdomen also loses elasticity.

Many women come to us after pregnancy with the desire for firmer breasts. A breast lift, possibly with additional breast augmentation in Mumbai, can help here. Breast augmentation after pregnancy is therefore very common and also possible without any problems. Nevertheless, you should wait a certain amount of time. Dr Vishal will be happy to advise you personally and discreetly in this regard.

Breast augmentation before pregnancy is also possible. However, it is advisable to wait a certain amount of time after the procedure. Because the natural changes in the breasts associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect the result.

Tip : Let Dr. Advise saddlers on a mommy makeover. Various interventions can be combined here in order to achieve the best possible overall result for mothers after childbirth. We help you to feel good in your body again.

When is the right time for a breast augmentation?

In this sense, there is no right time for a breast augmentation. The needs and individual circumstances are far too different. The question “breast augmentation before or after pregnancy?” is justified, but cannot be answered in the same way for every person. In general, however, breast augmentation is possible at any point in the life of an adult woman. In principle, you do not need to worry whether the surgery is the right decision if you have not yet completed your family planning. Nor do you have to worry about missing the time for breast augmentation after childbirth.

At what age can breast augmentation be performed?

In principle, the body should be fully grown before a plastic-aesthetic procedure is carried out. Breast augmentation is possible for women over the age of 18. There are practically no upper limits. This means that breast augmentation can also be carried out safely in women over 70 years of age.

Dr Vishal Patel, Best Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, will advise you confidentially and responsibly on your options.