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November 3, 2022
cosmetic surgery in winter copy

Advantage of Cosmetic Surgery in Winter

Although we can say that any time of the year is good to make that change that we so desire, there are times of the year that, due to the characteristics of the season, provide the ideal circumstances to perform some plastic and aesthetic surgery treatments.

Although it seems that summer is still a long way off, the festive season and the winter cold are ideal to take advantage of and plan well in advance for those surgical procedures that require a prolonged postoperative period to show off our new figure next summer.

Making the decision to undergo plastic and aesthetic surgery is something that we must make with time and conscientiously. Many experts strongly recommend choosing a good plastic surgeon in Mumbai with the appropriate qualifications so that our intervention is a success.

Consult with more than one professional so that you find one with whom you feel more comfortable, generate more confidence and answer all the questions and doubts you may have. Likewise, aesthetic treatments require prior planning so that our body is ready to face the intervention in the best possible conditions and achieve the most optimal results.

What are the benefits of plastic and cosmetic surgery in winter?

  • It gives us the motivation to start the year with renewed goals and a new beginning.
  • You may have more free time during the holiday season compared to any other time of year.
  • Unlike summer clothing that exposes the skin, winter clothing makes it easier to hide post-surgery bandages, girdles, scars, and temporary swelling during recovery. In this way, you can carry out your treatment more discreetly if you wish, and others will not have to know that you have had surgery. 
  • It is easier to avoid direct sun exposure during a winter recovery. Something essential to avoid swelling and pigmentation of our postoperative scars so that they evolve correctly and become as inconspicuous as possible. Although the incidence of sunlight is lower in winter, we must use clothing and adequate sun protection if the scars are going to be exposed to sunlight, as occurs with surgical and aesthetic facial treatments.
  • You will be ready to show off your new look in spring/summer! The definitive results of an aesthetic surgical intervention are usually seen after 6 months, with which autumn/winter is an ideal time to carry out those surgical treatments shown in our figure.
  • The days are shorter and the low temperatures of winter weather mean that we spend more time at home, allowing us to carry out the postoperative period more calmly, resting and gradually recovering.

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